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Instantly discover how many units a product
sells in a month

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Validate the sales potential
of your product idea

It’s no secret that winning products have consistently high
demand. But how do you ascertain the level of demand for your
product idea? With our Growth Predictor tool! We provide you
with an estimate of a product’s average monthly sales. Do the
math to see how many products you could sell in a day, and
decide if the product is worth investing in.

sales rank estimator

Easily track your competitors

Get background information on how units your top competitors
on page one sell in a month. Determine how many units you will
need to sell to overtake your competitors and get to page one.

Launch your product with the
right numbers

You don’t have to guess how much inventory you should order
for your first product. By getting an estimate of a product’s
average monthly sales, you can take the guesswork out of
inventory forecasting and have a successful product launch.

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How does the FBA Growth Predictor Work?

Open and run a search for the product
you’re considering.

Search through the results for the product that closely
matches your product idea and open the product detail page.

Scroll down and copy the product’s ASIN.

Open the FBA Growth Growth Predictor tool, select the Amazon
marketplace, and paste the product’s ASIN.

Within seconds, the Growth Predictor tool will generate the
product’s estimated number of sales per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The FBA Growth Predictor tool gives you an estimate of a product’s average monthly sales.

A. While researching products to sell on Amazon, you need to gauge a product’s demand, and one of the best ways is to check the sales volume. With the Growth Predictor tool, you can get information about the number of units a product sells monthly.

A. Simply copy and paste a product’s ASIN within the Growth Predictor tool and get results within seconds.

A. The Growth Predictor tool currently works for the US, UK, CA, ES, DE, IT, MX and FR marketplaces.

A. The Growth Predictor tool is one of the tools in the powerful FBA Growth software suite. You can access Growth Predictor and other tools by paying for our Standard plan, which costs $37 monthly and $444 annually, Legendary plan, which costs $83 monthly and $994 annually, or Diamond plan, which costs $132 monthly and $1594 annually.